We create autonomous robots

We are a group of students with different academic background, mechanics, electronics and programming, and we all have a great passion for robotics

About Us

Memristor is a robotics team focused on research and development. It has a role to educate members and ensure development environment to enhance their skills. It brings together students from many engineering fields and teaches them how to build fully autonomous robots together with other team members.

The team is founded by professors from the University of Novi Sad, Serbia in 2007, the same year when the first electronic component memristor is created. Since that year Memristor has been competing on Eurobot competition, each year winning one of first three places on national competition and achieving great results on international Eurobot competition.

Research & Development

PCB Design

Designing PCB in Altium, Circuit Prototyping and Simulation, Soldering, CAN bus

Robot Modeling

Designing 3D Models & Simulation in CAD software, Robot Assembly, Components Manufacturing

Software Development

ROS, Visualization and Simulation, Raspberry Pi, Communication, High-Level Decision

Firmware Development

Programming Microcontrollers, AVR, PIC, ARM, Arduino, Odometry based Motion

Algorithm Development

Pathfinding, LiDAR-based obstacle reconstruction, Odometry, PID

3D Printing

Model prototyping


Years of Experience


Assembled Robots


Current Team Members



Our Team

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learn and apply algorithms and cutting edge technologies

learn how to work in team and collaborate with other engineers

write bachelor or master thesis based on your project in Memristor

create lasting friendships and travel around Europe

compete with the best students in the world

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Mechanical Institut <br />Trg Dositeja Obradovica 6 <br />21000 Novi Sad Serbia